Helping families sleep better

Clinically validated, evidence-based help for your kids. Developed by MCRI, Australia’s #1 child health medical research institute

Kip’s mission is to teach every Australian child how to sleep

Based on over two decades of research, the Sleep with Kip™ stories are a fun and friendly way to learn to manage common sleep problems in children. At the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute we pride ourselves on generating and sharing evidence-based advice for baby and child sleep. In this series of 6 books, we share our knowledge about common sleep problems in children and how to manage them.

Fun bedtime stories your kids will love and you’ll enjoy reading

Follow Kip on a series of creative adventures that helps your child learn about healthy sleep habits. The series is designed for bedtime reading & is accompanied by career-focused resources to provide guidance for discussion & learning.

Help your child fall asleep

This book helps with common problems children have of being unable to fall asleep by themselves. Often, they want mum or dad or someone else to be there when they go to sleep. Sometimes it is not about person but a thing your child needs to get to sleep.

Help your child with early morning waking

Early morning waking can be exhausting for families. Some children just seem programmed to wake up early and are full of energy – not like mum and dad! This is a book to help you manage early morning waking in your child – i.e. waking before 6am.

Help your child manage their bedtime anxiety

Night time fears or worries are very common in children – especially children with a vivid imagination! These worries can stop children getting to sleep. Learning to manage these fears and worries is really helpful for children – and their families.

Help your child fall asleep without mum & dad

This book introduces children to the evidence- based technique Camping Out. If is a gentle way to help parents move out of their child’s bedroom whilst encouraging their child to fall asleep by themselves at the start of the night.

Help your child with visualisation

Older children can find it hard to get to sleep because they are worrying about things. Relaxation techniques can help ease their minds. This book can get them started as they imagine they are lying on the beach, with the sound of the waves, and a warm breeze passing over them...

Help your child go to bed and stay in bed

Some children get in and out of bed multiple times before falling asleep. We call these “curtain calls”! They want to tell you something, they want a drink, they want to go to the toilet…the list can go on! If your child does this, this book is for you!

Teaching your kids healthy sleep habits is a valuable life skill

Almost every parent has experienced a behavioural sleep challenge with a child. Challenges getting to sleep, waking in the night and early waking are common issues faced by parents across the world.

Sleep problems can adversely affect your child's mental health and learning, not to mention making life harder for mums and dads and others caring for kids. Sleep with Kip™ is here to help. No apps, no notifications, no screens. If you read to your kids before bed, Kip will fit right into their bedtime routine.

Whether you are currently experiencing a sleep problem or you just want to teach your kids how to sleep better, Sleep with Kip™ is here to help.


Not sure which book is right for you?

Take our free 90-second Child Sleep Check and let Sleep with Kip™ give you personalised recommendations and strategies to help your child get a great night’s sleep (and you too!). You can buy the whole set at a discounted price and let Sleep with Kip™ teach your kids the lifelong skill of a good night's sleep. 

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