The Old Bedtime Pass Puncher


Help your child go to bed and stay in bed

Molly always wants to get out of bed for all sorts of reasons, even though she needs to go to sleep. Luckily Kip is around to help Molly, along with a very special friend…the Old Bedtime Pass Puncher.

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Some children get in and out of bed multiple times before falling asleep. We call these ‘curtain calls”! They want to tell you something, they want a drink, they want to go to the toilet…the list can go on and on!

If your child does this, this book is for you! It takes you and your child through an evidenced-based technique called the Bedtime Pass.

This technique helps to limit the number of times your child can come out of the room before bedtime, and allows the child to make the choice about what they really want your help with at bedtime. Remember to reward them the next morning for properly using this method.