Does your child have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or waking early?

Kip can help with clinically validated, evidence-based picture books that kids love and understand. Simple sleep help that slides right into your bedtime routine

Teaching healthy sleep habits is a valuable life skill

Hi, I'm Prof Harriet Hiscock, a paediatrician specialising in kids sleep. Based on over two decades of research, these books are here to help your kids (and you) manage common sleep problems. At the Murdoch Children's Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia, we pride ourselves on generating and sharing the advice you need based on evidence and research. 

Simple sleep help that fits right into your bedtime routine

This advice is now captured in the Kip books. This series of six books is all about solving common sleep problems kids have and helping your child tackle them and how you can manage them. As a paediatrician and researcher, I have seen over my 20-year journey how much of an impact poor sleep in babies and children has on them as well as their parents. I met many parents desperate for a good night's sleep and the Kip books are here to help!

Fun bedtime stories that kids love

No apps, no notifications, no screens. Follow Kip on a series of creative adventures that help your child learn about healthy sleep habits. The series is designed for the bedtime routine and is a great way to introduce your kids to healthy sleep habits. Simple sleep help when you need it most

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  • My daughter LOVES these books. They have helped immediately, with less calling out, early rising, and less bedtime stress.

  • Thank you so much - a great outcome following the purchase of all books

  • I was pretty sceptical, but my son loves these books, and they've helped us with falling asleep independently and early morning wake-ups

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