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Slug Dad and Monster Mum


Help your child with early morning waking

Blake wants to wake Mum and Dad up early in the morning, but little does she know what could happen if she does. Thankfully, Kip is around to warn Blake what will happen if she wakes her parents up too early.

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Early morning waking can be exhausting for families. Some children just seem programmed to wake up early and are fullof energy – not like Mum and Dad! This is a book to help you manage a child who keeps waking before 6am.

When you are ready to tackle early morning waking, read this book with your child to help them appreciate what early waking does to you. A great way to help progress is using good rewards (stickers, stamps, etc) if your child can stay in their room until at least 6am.

And make sure you are not ‘rewarding’ your child for waking up early by letting them watch TV or use a computer, so that you can get more sleep. These activities can reinforce early morning waking, even if it seems like a good idea at the time!



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