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Has dad joined the circus?


Help your child fall asleep without mum or dad

Viet’s dad doesn’t stay in the room at bedtime anymore. So where has he gone? The circus? The sea? The moon? Hopefully Kip can help figure it out.

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Lots of children find it hard to fall asleep at the start of the night on their own. Mum and Dad often need to be there with them. This might be okay at the start of the night but if a child wakes up many times overnight, it can quickly become exhausting for Mum and Dad. When this is happening, everyone can end up tired and grumpy!

This story helps the child with the evidence-based technique called Camping Out. It is a gentle way to help parents move out of their child’s bedroom – typically over 1-3 weeks – whilst encouraging their child to fall asleep by themselves at the start of the night. This technique is especially suited to children who might be worried or anxious (as opposed to grumpy) if their parent tries to leave the bedroom at the start of the night.



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