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Marshmallow Puffins at the Window


Help your child with night-time fears and worries

Hana’s scared of strange noises and shapes in her bedroom, but are they really the scary things she thinks they are? Hopefully Kip can help Hana figure it out.

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When it comes to bedtime, fears or worries are very common in children – especially children with a vivid imagination! There might be monsters in their bedroom, noises outside the window, or other worries that stop them getting to sleep. Learning to manage these fears and worries is really helpful for children and their families.

This book is a fun way to help children worry less at the start of the night by focusing on the power of positive imagination. Parents can help children also worry less by listening to their worries and then gently reassuring them that many of their worries are not real – there are no monsters under the bed!

But if your child has persistent worries, check out A Beach in the Bedroom which can help older children use visual imagery and relaxation strategies to calm their worries at bedtime.



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