Pick your Own Nose


Help your child fall asleep by themselves

Does Luca really need Mum and Dad to always tuck him in at night? Does he need Mum and Dad to do everything for him? Hopefully Kip can help figure it out.

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A common problem children can have is being unable to fall asleep by themselves. Most times, they want Mum and Dad or someone else to stay in the room. Other times, they want another thing like a dummy (pacifier) that keeps falling out overnight that parents have to get up to replace.

This story is all about empowering your child to become independent and to learn to go to sleep by themselves at the start of the night! If they can do this, they will start to go back to sleep on their own after they naturally wake up overnight.

Another story to help is Has Dad joined the Circus? which is a fun way of talking about the Camping Out sleep technique. This is a gentle technique that allows parents to slowly remove themselves from their child’s bedroom so that their child can learn to fall asleep by themselves at the start of the night and, eventually, any time they wake up.