Hi, I’m Professor Harriet Hiscock

As a paediatrician and researcher, I’ve seen how poor sleep impacts children and their parents (you!). Over my 20-year career, I’ve helped countless desperate parents who want their children to enjoy a good night’s sleep. At the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia, we pride ourselves on generating and sharing the advice you need based on evidence and research.

This advice is now captured in The Big Kip Bundle. This series of six books is all about common sleep problems in children, how your child can tackle them and how you can support them. Most are behavioural sleep problems, like getting to sleep, waking up overnight or waking early.

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What’s in the Big Kip Bundle

If you’ve been navigating the choppy waters of bedtime breakouts, wrestling with early risers, or soothing your little ones’ midnight worries, you’re in for a treat. The Sleep with Kip books are your trusty guide through the night, transforming bedtime battles into peaceful journies to dreamland.

Pick your Own Nose

Help your child fall asleep by themselves

Does Luca really need Mum and Dad to always tuck him in at night? Does he need Mum and Dad to do everything for him? Hopefully Kip can help figure it out.

Marshmallow Puffins at the Window

Help your child with night-time fears and worries

Hana’s scared of strange noises and shapes in her bedroom, but are they the scary things she thinks they are? Hopefully, Kip can help Hana figure it out.

A Beach in the Bedroom

Help your child with bedtime anxiety

Shamik just can’t get to sleep. He feels all tight and tense. Thankfully, Kip has just the trick to help him relax. A beach that Shamik can build in his bedroom.

The Old Bedtime Pass Puncher

Help your child go to bed and stay in bed

Molly always wants to get out of bed for all sorts of reasons, even though she needs to go to sleep. Luckily Kip is around to help Molly, along with a very special friend…the Old Bedtime Pass Puncher.

Has Dad Joined the Circus?

Help your child fall asleep without mum or dad

Viet’s dad doesn’t stay in the room at bedtime anymore. So where has he gone? The circus? The sea? The moon? Hopefully Kip can help figure it out.

Slug Dad and Monster Mum

Help your child with early morning waking

Blake wants to wake Mum and Dad up early in the morning, but little does she know what could happen if she does. Thankfully, Kip is around to warn Blake what will happen if she wakes her parents up too early.