How to download the App.

Download the Sleep Well Be Well app to start managing your child's sleep problem(s).

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Please note that the Sleep Well Be Well app is best viewed on a smartphone. It is not optimised for other devices (e.g. tablet, iPad)

How to use the app.

Please refer to the instructional video or written information below to learn more about the app.

Please note that at the start of the Sleep Check you will be asked to "Please enter your Sleep Well Be Well Study Number if you have one". This study number is unique to you and follows the format SWXXXX. Your study number was sent to you via email and sms.

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Step 1 | Do a Sleep Check

To get started, you'll answer some simple questions about your child's current sleep habits.  This Sleep Check should take less than five minutes and once completed, the app will recommend appropriate, evidence based strategies to help your child get a good nights sleep. 


Step 2 | Select a strategy

Once you've completed the Sleep Check, the app will recommend a series of sleep strategies. Each strategy provides step by step instructions and indicates the expected timeframe, usually anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Strategies marked with a gold star should be attempted first. You can click each strategy to learn more. Once you have decided on an appropriate strategy, click "start strategy"


Step 3 | Complete daily tasks

To begin each strategy, set a daily check-in time to help keep you on track (you can change this at any time). You'll then be asked to complete a series of simple tasks. Depending on the strategy, some of these tasks can be completed during the day and some will be specific steps to complete during your child's bedtime. The app will also indicate what a successful outcome looks like eg "going to bed without protest 2 nights in a row". Don't forget to tick off tasks as you complete them.


Optional | Changing strategies

If you are not seeing results with your current strategy, you can change or cancel the strategy at anytime. After cancelling, you can pick a new strategy, re-do the Sleep Check and depending on your original results, pick a new problem to tackle. 

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