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Worry can be a big problem when it comes to getting to sleep. Especially as children get older. But relaxation techniques and visualisation can help take their minds off these worries. This story can help get them started as they imagine they are lying on the beach, with the sound of waves lapping the shore and a warm breeze passing over them.

This is a technique best suited to children aged four years and up, and best used at a time other than bedtime to start with. We don’t want them getting worried about the technique working, which can happen if they start learning it at bedtime. Start perhaps on the floor of the bedroom in the afternoon. When this technique works, you’ll find children start to use it naturally before bedtime.

Oh, and it’s best not to ask a child about their day just before bedtime. If things haven’t gone so well, this may upset them. Try talking about the day in the afternoon or at dinner time.

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Based on over two decades of research, these books are here to help your child (and you) manage some common sleep problems children have.There’s loads of advice out there about how to help children sleep, and at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia, we pride ourselves on generating and sharing the advice you need based on evidence and research. This advice is now captured in the Kip books.

This series of six books is all about the common sleep problems in children, how your child can help themselves tackle them, and how you can manage them. Most are what we call ‘behavioural’ sleep problems (like getting to sleep, waking up overnight or waking up early).

As a paediatrician and researcher, I have seen over my 20 year journey, how much of an impact poor sleep in babies and children had on them as well as their parents. I met so many parents who were desperate for a good night’s sleep! So I hope you find this book fun and helpful, for you, your child, your family and your friends.

Enjoy and sleep well | Prof Harriet Hiscock

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