Cody and Otto Projector with moving projection and melodies


Cody and Otto turn your little one’s room into a magical underwater world, with moving waves and fish swimming around the room, while listening to relaxing ocean sounds.

Meet Cody & Otto

2 supersoft buddies to help your little one to drop off to sleep easily.

Cody the Crab

Cute Cody takes your little one to a beautiful underwater world with his beautiful projection and soothing sounds!

Otto the Otter

Sweet and fluffy Otto is a master in projection and loves to dive underwater together and watch the fish!

3 step sleep program

It helps your little one fall asleep by lowering the animation in 3 steps. The projector will automatically shut off after 30 minutes.

Underwater world

Projects calming waves with a school of orange fish swimming around the room.

Soothing melodies

Ocean sound, heartbeat or a loop of lullabies.

Cry sensor

While you may not always be around to press the play button, our smart cry sensor will activate the product when you cry.

Variable volume

Two volume settings: high/low.