Harriets Tip

Darkness is an important signal for us all that it's time to go to sleep, but we're not born knowing that information. In the first three months, you're going to have to go with the flow and let your baby sleep when they're ready - and vice versa!

Preparing your baby's room for sleep.

After three months, your baby should be ready to start learning about putting themselves to sleep and sleeping when it's dark and just like the relationship between dark and sleep, your baby will learn that sleep time is quiet time.

You can help to develop that relationship between dark and sleep by preparing a consistent and quiet sleeping environment for your baby

Room prep strategy.

I'm speaking in a quiet voice

I've asked other people in the house to be quiet and keep play away from baby's room

I've turned off all TV's & radios

I've blocked out outside light with heavy curtains

I've used a dimmer switch or soft lamp to keep the room dim

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