3-camping out

Camping out Camping Out is a strategy for dealing with persistent settling and waking problems in babies and young children. It can also be helpful with older children who are having problems getting to sleep, particularly if they feel anxious or frightened. Camping out step by step Before you start, have a good bedtime routine …

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Rewards Rewards can really motivate a child to improve their behaviour. They work best if given soon after the behaviour not after a few days. After a couple of weeks, they may not work as well but by then you hope your child’s behaviour has improved! Reward charts are appropriate for children 3 years and over. Setting …

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2-bedtime pass

Bedtime Pass For children who have a difficult time staying in their bedroom or call out frequently, making a Bedtime Pass may be helpful. Your child can use their Bedtime Pass for one trip out of their room or one visit from you after you have said “Goodnight”. Explain the bedtime pass to your child …

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1-Bedtime Fading

Bedtime Fading If your child is taking more than an hour to fall asleep after your chosen bedtime, you may find that trying to put your child to bed at the earlier time results in bedtime struggles. For some children it is best to gradually make their bedtime earlier, starting at the time they are …

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Helping your child relax: Visualisation Teaching your child ways to relax can help them fall asleep at night. This handout discusses a method known as Visualisation. Other methods include the Worry Box, Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Deep Breathing. Children who are ‘worriers’ often have a vivid imagination. By using their imagination to create a happy …

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