8-Early morning waking

Early morning waking Waking up before 6am can be exhausting for parents although children seem to cope better! Early morning waking is common in children 3 years and older, but they eventually grow out of it. The first step: Why are we waking The first step to managing early morning waking is to work out …

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1-checking method

Controlled comforting or checking method Controlled Comforting or the Checking Method (for older children) is a strategy for dealing with persistent settling and waking problems in children. It involves briefly comforting, settling and then leaving your child for short time periods so your child learns to go to sleep on their own. The purpose of …

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1-Deep breathing

Helping your child relax: Deep breathing Teaching your child ways to relax can help them fall asleep at night. This hand- out discusses a method known as Deep Breathing. Other methods include the Worry Box, Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Visualisation. Deep breathing can help children relax. Taking deep, slow, breaths gives our body the message …

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