Our limited-edition Sleep with Kip™ sleepwear and accessories range is here!

We’ve partnered with Cotton On Kids to bring you an exclusive sleepwear and accessories range inspired by our Sleep with Kip™ books. This exciting new range includes pyjamas, weighted blankets, drinks bottles, a snuggle toy, and the Sleep with Kip™ book set in a convenient travel size box set. All made to encourage healthy sleep habits in families with children aged 2 to 10.

Sleep with Kip™ was created by Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, a global leader in child health and a portion of the proceeds goes back into their work to transform the lives of children.

This range will be available for a limited time and we expect it will sell out quickly. Check out the range online today and get the kids excited for bedtime!

Does your child have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or waking early?

Kip can help!

Kips mission is to help every child get a great nights sleep with clinically validated, evidence-based picture books.

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Teaching your kids healthy sleep habits is a valuable life skill

Based on over two decades of research, the Sleep with Kip™ stories are a fun and friendly way to learn to manage common sleep problems in children. At the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute we pride ourselves on generating and sharing evidence-based advice for baby and children’s sleep.

Fun bedtime stories your kids will love and you’ll enjoy reading

Follow Kip on a series of creative adventures that helps your child learn about healthy sleep habits. The series is designed for bedtime reading & is accompanied by resources to provide guidance for discussion & learning.

No apps, no notifications, no screens. Simple sleep help that fits right into your bedtime routine.

Pick Your Own Nose

Help your child fall asleep by themselves

Does Lucas really need Mum and Dad to always tuck him in at night? Does he need Mum and Dad to do everything for him? Hopefully Kip can help figure it out.

Marshmallow Puffins at the Windows.

Help your child with night-time fears and worries

Does Lucas really need Mum and Dad to always tuck him in at night? Does he need Mum and Dad to do everything for him? Hopefully Kip can help figure it out.

Has Dad Joined the Circus

Help your child fall asleep without mum or dad

Viet’s dad doesn’t stay in the room at bedtime anymore. So where has he gone? The circus? The sea? The moon? Hopefully Kip can help figure it out.

The Old Bedtime Pass Puncher

Help your child go to bed and more importantly…stay in bed!

Molly always wants to get out of bed for all sorts of reasons, even though she needs to go to sleep. Luckily Kip is around to help Molly, along with a very special friend…the Old Bedtime Pass Puncher.

A Beach in the Bedroom

Help your child with bedtime anxiety

Shamik just can’t get to sleep. He feels all tight and tense. Thankfully, Kip has just the trick to help him relax. A beach that Shamik can build in his bedroom.

Slug Dad & Monster Mum

Help your child with early morning waking

Blake wants to wake Mum and Dad up early in the morning, but little does she know what could happen if she does. Thankfully, Kip is around to warn Blake what will happen if she wakes her parents up too early.

Not sure which Kip book Is right for you?

Take our free 90-second Child Sleep Check and let Sleep with Kip™ give you personalised book recommendations and strategies to help your child get a great night’s sleep (and you too!).