Putting worries to bed

It is not unusual for children to have worries or fears at night time. Helping them overcome their night time worries teaches them skills they can use in other areas.

This handout talks about some creative strategies that can help your child feel like the worries are being taken care of so they no longer need to be in their mind. Planning this ahead of time and talking about it during the day, when they feel confident, will help them feel confident at night.

A worry box

This is a popular strategy. Your child draws or writes about his worries during the day, and thinks or talks about possible solutions. Before bedtime, he puts the drawings in the box, and leaves them to think about tomorrow. For some children this helps their particular worry go away completely.

Monster Traps

Many children and parents have found it helpful to make a monster trap. This can be talked about and set up during the day and is a way of making the child feel safe. Be creative with it.

A guardian dragon or guardian fairy

A special ‘fairy’ or protective ‘dragon’ is a way of using a child’s imagination in a helpful way. The fairy or dragon looks after them and takes away their worries.

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